Center for Mathematics and Physics
in Engineering Education

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 This department offers the educational programs in physics and mathematics for the students of seven departments. The emphasis is on fundamental principles, as well as the recognition of the importance of applied phisics and mathematics to engineering fields. The department is divided into two research groups: applied physics and applied mathematics.

Aapplied Physics
Kishimoto, Yutaka (Professor)
Nakamura, Koichi (Associate Professor)
Kawasaki, Yu (Associate Professor )

Inukai, Munehiro (Associate Professor )
Applied Mathematics
Takeuchi, Toshiki (Professor)
Sumida-Takahashi, Hiroki (Professor)
Ohyama, Yousuke (Professor)
Fukagai, Nobuyoshi (Associate Professor)
Kohda, Atsuhito (Associate Professor)
Mizuno, Yoshinori (Associate Professor)
Okamoto, Kuniya (Associate Professor)
Sakaguchi, Hideo (Assistant Professor)

Science and Technology
Faculty of Engineering

The University of Tokushima

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